Best Tourist Spots in Himachal You Must Visit!

July 28,2021

Best Tourist Spots in Himachal You Must Visit!

By: Himachal Tourist Taxi

Bifurcate the name HIMACHAL.Then it yields Him + Achal

Him = (in Hindi means) ‘Snow’

& Achal = ‘Veil’

Thus, the literal meaning of the state is “Land in the veil of snow

Certainly, the name implicates a reason!

What is that?

Himachal is a state bestowed with the beauty of the snow-shrouded Himalayan ranges that encapsulate its hill sites.

Sharing its border with china occupied Tibet, the state has a rich aura of Tibetan culture, which could be seen conspicuously in the form of centuries old monasteries.

At the same time, the hill stations of the state closer to Punjab have more influence of Hindu culture.

Having said the above, travelers come in huge numbers all around the year to explore various tourist spots. These spots, of course, offer thosetravelers drinks of adventure, peace, happy moments, and much more to quench their wanderlust thirsts.

Each hill station is special as it is havinga uniqueness factor, which you (as a tourist) are looking for!

I have a small list of the most visited tourist destinations for you.

Let me give you an overview of each enchanting tourist spot.

Shimla – Queen of Hills

The hill site had been christened the name after the Goddess ‘Shyamala’ (incarnation of Maa Kali). A temple named Kali Bari has been dedicated to the goddess.

Another interesting historical fact about the town is that Shimla was once the Summer Capital of British ruled India.

Even the colonial rulers loved the place for its pleasant climate throughout the year. The legacy continues,and now tourists adore the hill site for the same prime reason.

Moreover, who wouldn’t fall in love with this beautiful hill station that has so many attractive places to visit?

Jhakoo temple, Sankat Mochan temple, Mall road and more are the traveler’s favorites in the town. Along with these, small less populated hamlets like Mashobra, Chail and Kufri lure the peace seekers to them.

Did I just instigate an urge to visit the hill station?

I guess I did !

Here is a solution to your sudden hanker.You can have a look at the Shimla tour packages to book now.

Otherwise, I have more options ahead!

Manali – Honeymooner’s paradise

This paradisiacal hill site of Himachal Pradesh is indeed a heaven on earth located in Himachal.

The credit primarily goes to Mother Nature along with some addendums of historical and modern human elements in the form of temples, cafes and malls.

How can I forget the top most attraction?

Yes! Yes! You guessed it right.

It is Rohtang Pass – Snowy fairyland.

Surely, you are imagining yourself there. Make it happen. Have a peek into the Shimla Manali tour packages and exclusive Manali tour packages.

You are thinking that there is no harm in having more options. Right?

So keep reading!

Dharamshala – Land of Lhasa& Dalhousie

Hush your din to seek solace at this hill site.

I want to thank our 1st president, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for allowing the 14th Dalai Lama to settle here in 1959.

Following the cardinal saint, many monks came to Dharamshala back then. The result of that settlement can be seen today.

There are many monasteries and meditation centers in and around the town, where tourists come to know their inner selves.

The other hill site, Dalhousie was precious to British governor Lord Dalhousie(after whom the hill station was named).

There are so many places in Dalhousie that attract tourists. But among them,Khajjiar tops the list.


For that, you need to choose a taxi tour package from our Dharamshala & Dalhousie packages and explore yourself the charms of both the hill sites.

I still have more options for you.

Kinnaur – an offbeat tourist place

May be you want disconnection from the racing world and wish to observe nature in its raw form.

Then our Kinnaur tour packages are for you!


Because it is the hill site endowed with an ethereal beauty, which you are eagerly searching for.

Running through apple orchards, tasting the best apples of India. Or sitting by the side of the Baspa River seeing the sunset with a cup of Kinnauri chai. You get this and more in Kinnaur.

Sangla, Kalpa and Chitkul are a few charming hamlets in the district, which most tourists like to explore.

Hey! Just wait.

I reckon you might be looking for the quirkier option, which could blow your mind. Then the next destination is for you.

Spiti – the untrodden land

Dramatic is the word that defines Spiti valley!

Unlike other hill stations having lush greenery, the mountains of the Spiti region are blatantly brown topped with caps of snow.

But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful!

In fact, the beauty lies in the beholder’s vision. Since you have those eyes to appreciate the beauty of Spiti,you should look at our Spiti tour packages.

You will be mesmerized by the offbeat lakes and monasteries of the region that makes this hill site stand out from others.

I have a surprise for you in the Conclusion

I could sense that you are perplexed by so many options. It has become very difficult for you to choose one.

I feel your pain. Been there!

Don’t be sad. I knew this can happen. It is not at all easy-peasy to choose from equally lucrative destinations of Himachal.

As a tourist, you wish to visit them all.

Yay! For you, I have whole Himachal tour packages.

Let me hear some cheers – Hip Hip Hurray!

That’s all from my side. Now you have to choose one or all.

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